About San Diego Cyclo-Vets

The San Diego Cyclo-Vets is incorporated to preserve, develop, and administer the sport of amateur bicycle racing at the masters-age, under the permit of the United States Cycling Federation.

Located in San Diego, California, for 25 years, the Cyclo-Vets have over 300 members across the United States. Cyclo-Vet members encompass a wide spectrum of life experiences, educational levels and financial income.  We boast among our members some of the United State's and Canada's finest - doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, law enforcement, and military officers, just to name a few.  Many active retired men and women also belong to Cyclo-Vets.

Cyclo-Vets is the nations Best Masters Club, having won the United States Cycling Federation's "Team Challenge Trophy" every year since its creation.

Our membership includes more than 100 National and International Champions, over 20 National USCF record holders, Olympians, Senior Olympics Champions, and RAAM (Race Across America) participants and winners.



The club's history:

Through the eyes of its presidents

Following are contributions from past club presidents to the 25-year commemorative MasterLink, published in 2008, the silver anniversary of the club (click president's name in list below to access his/her report).

1985 - Greg Birch
1986 - Mike Schnoor
1987 - Arnie Baker
1988 - Arnie Baker
1989 - Arnie Baker
1991 - Arnie Baker
1991 - Wally Millar
1992/93 - Gary DeVoss
1994 - Marty Rose
1995 - Ross Nicholson
1996 - David Pain
1997 - Pete Penseyres
2002/03 - Don Peters
2004-05 - Adrienne Brian
2006 - Kevin Gilbert
2007 - Julie Hamilton
2008 - Buzz Burnett
2009 - Buzz Burnett
2010 - Howard King
2011 - Sherry Newsham
2012 - Gary DeVoss
2013 - Bud Stratton
2014 - Bud Stratton
2015 - Brent Evans
2016 - Brent Evans
2017 - Jason Stratton

A history of champions

Who’s who in our 25-Year Montage?
In the “2,” clockwise from the top, are: Anne O’Brien with Bonnie Gabriel; Don Peters with the “Goddess;” David Pain at 1998 World Masters Championship; club co-founder Gary De Voss, Arnie Baker, and Margaret Nolan; David Pain racing; Arnie Baker racing; Chuck Gilbert; Mike and Judy Schnorr; and Gordy Shields inducted into Hall of Fame at World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.

In the “5,” clockwise from top are: national champions Gordy Shields, Marty Rose, Genna Mayberry, and Margaret Nolan; the record setting 20K & 40K team at Moriarty, New Mexico; club co-founder and first president Greg Birch; original member Danny Ferioli; Arnie Baker on the cover of Geezerjock, celebrating the club’s 25th anniversary; longtime member/ride leader/coach Vic Monteleon; and Cyclo-Vets at a 1992 hill climb in St. George.

From Simple Beginnings Came a Remarkable Club

By Gary De Voss
During 2006 and 2007, as we approached the 25th Anniversary of the Cyclo-Vets, Gordy Shields and I spoke many times of capturing the creation and ongoing glorious happenings of our beloved club. A history committee with myself, Gordy, David and Linda Pain, and Tom Coat was formed. With the help of many past presidents, we created a commemorative 25-year history MasterLink and made special presentations at the club's 2008 Soiree.

Our history started in 1982 or so, when a series of events occurred that spurred the planning for a new masters racing club, not yet named. In late 1982 the three original members - myself, Greg Birch, and John McQuaid - met in a coffee shop to make plans for a new master’s club, and in early 1983, San Diego Cyclo-Vets was born. This, in all its glory, is the story of how Cyclo-Vets started and how it has continued for all of these 25-plus years.

In the left-hand column are details from many of our past president's on happenings, characters and incidents that happened during their terms. Clicking on the president's name will open up their historical contributions.

It is also our goal to preserve the history on our website and open it up to members of the club. When you access the Members Page in the website's History Section, you'll see a form that invites you to send your contribution and your story into the history project editor so he/she can add a link for you at the appropriate time you joined the club. In this way your own history will be included in the overall club history, and this history will become an interactive, ever-changing, and ever-growing project, much in the style of Wikipedia.

We look forward to our history section growing. But, for now, you can retrace the early years of our history by reading the presidents’ statements, beginning with the report by Greg Birch, who ended up being our first president. Please enjoy our attempt to capture the fantastic memories and achievements of all of our riders throughout the years - including you!






For a listing of Coached Rides, see Training Rides.

The following Cyclo-Vet members are coaches:

Cyclo-Vet women's teams, has been club president and one of the
most respected cycling coaches in Southern California.



Board meetings are open to club members
Board meetings are a great opportunity to participate in the administration of your bicycle club. Please feel free to join us and give us your input. Board meetings generally held second Monday of the month at Tierrasanta Rec Center, 11220 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. The meeting room is on the first floor under the entry stairs to the Pool Building from 6-7 p.m. President Jacobo Melcer presides. Agendas are published prior to meetings. No meeting in December.

From left: Brent Evans, Julie Hamilton, Jacobo Melcer. Ellen Ward, Cathy Rothwell



Immediate Past President: Bud Stratton
Honorary President for Life: Arnie Baker


Group Email Cyclo-Vets: Darryl MacKenzie
Masterlink: Gary DeVoss
Membership: Jane Coats
Race Development: Steve Schmidt
Race Points: Bobby Carter
Ride Chair: Jason Stratton
Social Events: Julie Hamilton
Sponsorship: Bob Prinz
Uniforms and Equipment: Jason Stratton
Velodrome: Jeanne Passino Gorman
SDCBD: David Nichols




Safety and Reference Links

Club members discuss safety and other issues before a Saturday group ride.

Reference Links

Racing Schedules and Signup:

SoCalCycling (upcoming Races by type as well as results)

National and California Racing Organizations and Associations:

USA Cycling
SCNCA (Southern California and Nevada Cycling Association)
NCNCA (Northern California and Nevada Cycling Association)
CBR (California Bicycle Racing Organization)
Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association, Inc (Brevets, Randonnees, RAAM Qualifiers, Centuries and Double Centuries).
San Diego Velodrome Association (Races, Schedules, Classes, Fun at Balboa Park)

Featured California Races :

Amgen Tour of California
California Tripple Crown
Fiesta Island TimeTrial Series

Neighbor State Racing Organizations and Associations :

ABRA (Arizona Bicycle Racing Association)
New Mexico Cycling
OBRA (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) ---- OBRA's Alpenrose Velodrome


League of American Bicyclists
California Bicycle Coalition
San Diego Bicycle Coalition

News Sources:

Daily Peloton

SANDAG (Maps and More):

San Diego Online Bike Map
Bike to Work Day and Bike to Work Month Month
Bike Safety
Bike Resources
Bikes on SD Public Transit
Guaranteed Ride Home Program - for those biking to work 3 or more days a week.



Club Photo as taken September 15, 2012



2011 Club Photo Shoot & Picnic

Downloadable Club Still Photos - Click Here


Back Row:Howard King,Sherry Newsham, Buzz Burnett

Front Row: Don Peters, Julie Hamiton, Dave Pain

Past & Current Presidents in Attendance at 2011 Picnic

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