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How to Enjoy Group Riding & Pass Safely - RoadID Rules


Top 5 Tips for Passing Cars, Cyclists & Pedestrians

  1. When passing a single car or a line of cars, make sure it is clear behind you. Once you've done that, signal your turn and make the pass at a safe distance.
  2. Always pass to the left of a cyclist. If you pass on the right you could cause an unnecessary collision putting you at fault.
  3. Announce your pass with an audible signal. A simple, "on your left" or "passing" will suffice.
  4. When passing a pedestrian, remember the pedestrian has the right of way. Give them sufficient room. Do not ‘buzz’ them. And if possible give an audible signal BEFORE you reach them.
  5. On Multiple Use Paths you may encounter pets on leashes, children and elderly pedestrians. On these paths, you are the heaviest, fastest vehicles and have a duty to be careful around them. Remember; treat others in the same way that you want to be treated.