Day Ride Description  
Monday None ---  

Fiesta Island Time-Trial Training


8:15 AM - 10:15 AM.

Difficulty 1-4, beginners welcome!


Town to Country Ride


8:00 AM - 2PM.

Difficulty 2-4,

Hilly and Fast.


Inland North County Ride


9:00 AM - 2-5:00 PM.

Difficulty 3-4,

Hilly and Long.


Coffee Ride

Meet at DeAnza Cove parking lot

8:30 or 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM .

Difficulty: Moderate to easy.


Mt Soledad hill climb.

Meet at DeAnza Cove parking lot



4:00 pm DeAnza Cove parking lot

4:30 pm Top of Mt Soleda

(missing only one climb)


Mission Valley The Coffee Bean

C Ride

8:00 AM

Dificulty 2-4,

Top Gun, Carrol Cny, Torrey pines


Mission Valley Coffee Bean

A and B Rides

8:30 AM

Difficulty 1-2

Top Gun, Carrol Cyn, Torrey Pines


Great Western, Faster, East County

Discontinued until racing season is over.

Endurance Training

Option (seasonal):

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

OR 7:15 AM - 4:00 PM.

Difficulty 3-4, Hilly, fast.


Great Western, Slower, East County

Ride information provide through email from Jeff.


Option (seasonal):

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

Difficulty 2, Hilly, slower.


The Elbow Room Ride

(most of the time)

8:30 AM

Starts at the Elbow Room in

Kearny Mesa but start place may





Sunday - Great Western (Moderate Version)-Club Version Completed Until Fall

Interval progression for the 22 weeks in PDF.

For a slower version of this ride see Sunday Ride II.

Ride Type: Group endurance/fitness systems training
Start Locations:
             (1) MacDonald's, Fury & Jamacha, East County
             (2) Pioneer Park, Mission Hills
Start Time: 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. See below.
Finish Time: Noon to 4:00 PM. See below.
Distance: 45 to 90+ miles (You always have the 45-mile option.)
Climbing: 4,000 to 7,500 feet (You always have the 4,000 foot option.)
Difficulty: Moderately hard to very hard
Riders: 30-50
Ride Leader: Todd Boussom
For a slower ride, see below.
Map images from Garmin 301 and Ben Weaver
Great Western Loop  2.9 megabytes
Ride from Mission Hills and Great Western Loop  7.6 megabytes
Endurance training.

5 Weeks of strength training: Big gears, standing, ILT

6 Weeks of aerobic endurance and capacity training: Smaller-gear, then larger-gear intervals.

High-end aerobic work.

March through September:
Less organized. Many of us are racing.
Workout Examples

Interval progression
for the 22 weeks in PDF.

Example of first high-cadence interval session. 12-12-04.
  Six intervals @ 80% max HR.
Example of second high-cadence interval session. 12-19-04.
  Six intervals @ 80, 82, 82, 82, 82, 82 percent of max HR.
Example of third high-cadence interval session. 12-26-2004.
  Six intervals @ 80, 80, 82, 80, 82, 84 percent of max HR.
  (First interval is missing.)
January Surprise: Race Fire Station to Four Corners.
  Jimena's winning HR and Power file.
Example of fourth high-cadence interval session. 1-16-2005.
  Six intervals @ 80, 82, 85, 82, 85, 87 percent of max HR.
Example of fifth interval session. 1-23-2005.
  Six intervals @ 80, 82, 85, 82, 85, 90 percent of max HR. Recovery @ 75% of max.
February Comes Early Surprise: Race Fire Station to Four Corners.
  Arnie's HR file.
Example of sixth interval session. 2-13-2005. 135-pound male rider.
  Six intervals @ 80, 82, 85, 82, 85, 90 percent of max HR, Power > 300 watts. Recovery > 82% of max.
Example of last interval session. 2--2005. 135-pound male rider.
  Six intervals @ 80, 82, 85, 90, 85, 85 percent of max HR. Power > 300 watts. Recovery > 82% of max. Surge to 800 watts attack.
Weather May Cancel
Hypothermia is a risk on winter rainy days in the East County.
Greater than 50% probability of rain will cancel the coaching on this ride.
If rains or other conditions threaten, notice for any given Sunday ride is generally placed on the website by 6:30 AM.

From Bill Wilson:
"Two months ago, I literally got pushed up the Great Western Sunday ride. At the end of the ride, I was so fatigued and sore, I could hardly stand.

Last week, after seven weeks of doing the ride and the exercises (albeit imperfectly), I pushed up gut-check incline sustaining 33% more torque than the first day, and without help!

Yesterday, in addition to doing the Great Western loop, I rode out from Mission Hills and then did an extra trip up to the firehouse after the ride. I got in 75 miles without destroying myself. I'm excited about the improvement in my strength and endurance."

Ride Description

(1) Ride the Great Western, leaving McDonald's at Fury and Jamacha (take 94 East to Jamacha) in Rancho San Diego at 9:00 AM, back at 12:00-1:00 PM for coffee and a one-half hour social.

(2) Ride from Pioneer Park (Washington Place and Randolph, 7:30 AM) in Mission Hills, via the North Park water tower (Howard and Utah, 7:50 AM), through La Mesa to MacDonald's, meeting up with the 9:00 AM group. Then ride the Great Western. Long endurance group option to return home directly or ride Lyons Valley, Lawson Valley, Skyline, and home. Back at 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The Great Western section of the ride is structured. Workouts are for targeted systems training. Training is co-operative rather than competitive. Coaching hints and tips are given at regrouping points. With large attendance (>25 riders) the ride is split into ability groups. Faster riders turn around at regrouping points and ride back to the slowest riders for extra mileage and climbing.

After a 5-mile warm-up, there are roughly 13 miles of continuous climbing and then rolling descents. There are three regrouping points. Near the end of the ride there is a race-training section. We have A and B groups for different fitness levels.

Gear recommendations:

A minimum of a 39-27 is suggested in order to be able to perform the workouts properly.

This structured ride is specifically designed to coach and train racing fitness, although you do not need to race to join the ride. It is not a "training ride" in the sense that most racing clubs use the term. Quite unlike rides elsewhere, the ride has specific exercises, multiple regrouping points, and professional coaching provided along the way.

We encourage all riders with sufficient fitness who are interested in trying the ride to join us. Guideline: Riders should be able to climb Torrey Pines (the outside route, from the parking lot driveway to flashing lights) in less than 9 minutes to feel comfortable in the group.

There is no specific fee associated with the coaching that the club has arranged for this ride. The concept is that those of us who are being coached and race are racing for Cyclo-Vets, the club that trains us. By all means try out the ride. If you wish to continue to participate and benefit from the free coaching and training, you must join Cyclo-Vets. If you are a road or track racer, you must race for Cyclo-Vets.

Southern Californian racers of other clubs may join in, with permission, for a fee. Out-of-town riders may join us, at no cost, with permission.


Wednesday Coffee Ride

Ride Type: Group Road Ride (Active Rest for Most)
Start Location: 8:30 AM Mission Bay  Easterly "Runners"  Parking  near bathrooms . 9:00 AM  Gilman Drive  (regroups)
Start Time: 8:30 AM or 9:00 am depending on start
Finish Time: 12:00 PM
Distance: 45 miles
Climbing: climbing  (Torrey Pines Grade)
Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Riders: 20-30 Ride Leader: Rich Cassens

Ride Description:
Departure times vary : 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM from Mission Bay or  9:00 -  You can pick up the moving ride on Gilman Drive 2-3 Coastal, moderate to  easy.  Easy Ride, all welcome although Group Riding Experience necessary. We head up to Encinitas to Lumberyard for Coffee and Pastries.  Stop is about 15-20 minutes and we return. 45 miles. Distance: Total of  45 miles.

View Larger Map


Wednesday Town & Country Ride

Town to Country Climbing Endurance Ride


Ride Type: Group Endurance Road Ride

Start Location: Pioneer Park, Mission Hills

Start Time: 8:00 AM Arnie time (7:58 AM)

Finish Time: 2:00 PM

Distance: 62 miles

Climbing: 6,000 feet

Difficulty: Moderately hard to very hard

Riders: 8-20


Ride Description:
This ride has been held almost every Wednesday for 25 years.

The rides leaves Pioneer Park (Mission Hills Park) in Missions Hills at 8:00 AM AT (Arnie time, 7:58 AM sharp). Meet at the corner of Washington Place and Randolph.  There is good parking and there are restrooms available in the park.

We ride through city streets at an easy pace for about one hour, gathering riders along the way. We pass by the water tower in North Park at 8:16 AM. We ride along Orange Ave., University Ave., and stop at Collier Park on Palm Ave. in La Mesa a little after 9:00 AM.

We then descend highway 94 to Rancho San Diego and begin the 94 climb up to Jamul. At this point the pace quickens.

In its current version, we turn left at Jamul onto Lyons Valley Road, to Skyline, and up Skyline to Lawson Valley Road.

At Lawson Valley some riders sometimes make a left, going North and East for 5 miles until we reach a 1.5 mile dirt-road connector (Wisecarver Lane) back to Skyline. This dirt road section is okay on road bikes.

A couple of miles, mostly downhill, along Skyline to Four Corners, West on Lyons Valley. We regroup at the store one mile from four corners on Lyons Valley Road.

We have a snack at the store.

We descend down the twisty descent of Lyons Valley Road toward Jamul, briefly ride Skyline, and end our descent down Mexican Canyon to Rancho San Diego, sometimes finishing with a sprint.

Finally an easy pace home, though occasionally we are spirited and perform as many as 10 sprints on the way back to Pioneer Park.

Bring at least two waterbottles, snacks, and money for snacks.

We encourage all riders with sufficient fitness who are interested in trying the ride to join us. Guideline: Riders should be able to climb Torrey Pines (the outside route, from the parking lot driveway to flashing lights) in less than 8 minutes to feel comfortable in the group.


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