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Hi-Tech Bikes IntraClub Cyclo-Cross Race Bible - March 24th

HI-TECH MTB-Cyclocross Race at UCSD "Race Bible" (Sat, Mar. 24th)
The eighth in a series of 10 fun races everyone can do. This race will be
held at UCSD in the eucalyptus grove where the Fit-Trail course is located
(near Voigt and Hopkins Drives.) We hope each of you takes the challenge on
the above date for a fun and exciting event. We held the first
MTB-Cyclocross race in December and had a mix of Cyclocross and Mountain
bike racers competing. Just putting a set of Cyclocross tires on your road
bike will suffice for this course. As in all races, here is what we call
the "Race Bible" which contains all the regulations and directions you will
need in order to participate in the race and report your results.

1. These are the only rules that apply and I, Steve Schmidt, have the final
say on all decisions.

2. *Racing Age:* Your racing age will be your age as of 12/31/2012.

3. *Who May Race: * You may race if you are a member in good standing of
Cyclo-vets. You may race if you renew your membership or join prior to the
race date. No license of any kind is required as this is not a sanctioned
race series. If your family has a paid Family Membership, the family
member(s) specified may participate.

4. *When and Where is the MTB-Cyclocross Race?* Saturday, March 24th.
Participants will get-together at Doyle Park for an approx. 9:15am departure
and ride together to UCSD. You may also meet the group at UCSD (Fit-Trail
sign in the eucalyptus grove near the corner of Voigt Drive and Hopkins
Drive - parking is free in most spaces on weekends, should you choose to
drive to the venue.)

5. *Directions and Rules for the event:* This is a wheel-to-wheel race, but
you also need to time yourself. You will be given an order to start your
timer just prior to the race start. The race will consist of 2 laps of an
approx. 2.2 miles course. There are no sections which require dismounting
(e.g., deep sand, steps) as is often the case in Cyclocross races. The
course will be marked with ribbons at all turns. We will ride the course
once at a moderate pace prior to the race.

Map of Course:

6. *Reporting your results:* A "race official" will be with the group. All
racers are to regroup at the start/finish after the race and report their
time. The race official will record your name, racing age, and time. The
official will submit them to Jason Stratton later that day. Jason will
compile the results by 5-year age and gender groups and the results will
posted on the C-V website within a few days. REPEAT: YOUR TIME WILL BE

7. *Scoring:* Best time in each 5-year age and gender group earns 50
points, 2nd place earns 45, etc. Every rider who finishes earns a minimum
of 5 points (i.e., if you enter and finish you earn at least 5 points.)

The next intraclub race will be an Honor Time Trial at Fiesta Island (single
lap, flying start) beginning Saturday, April 28th and concluding on Sunday,
May 6th. Stay tuned for details!


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