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Gordy Shields - Cyclo-Vet, Cyclist Extraoridinaire

It is with great sadness, ….. Gordy Shields passed away June 30, 2013 at 2:55PM due to complications from open heart surgery after 95 years of life.

His surgery went well according to doctors, but other organs seemed to fail.

He was an unsurpassed as an asset to the San Diego Cyclo-Vets, an icon of Masters Cycling and certainly won the hearts of all of those he met.

Thanks to Gordy we have many amenities such as particular bike paths, bridges, newly installed sharrows, repaved areas in San Diego County due to his relentless pursuit of safe and enjoyable cycling in San Diego thru the San Diego Bicycle Coalition. His love of the Senior Games made it possible for many to continue racing as he did until the last few months.

Should there be a service or memorial it will be posted as available