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Mike Wilson - Ultra Endurance Champion

Mike Wilson is a Cyclo-Vet with a very large ambition !  He has raced in the Race Across the West in 2010, a 860 mile non stop solo event in which he attained the King of the Mountains status and just finished the Heart of the South 500 in Alabama winning with a large margin while climbing approximately 35000 feet. His Crew Chief for the HOS 500 was Cyclo-Vet Member, Bobby Carter.

He is currently eyeing the Race Across America while holding down many full time postions and and training regimie that consumes just as many if not more hours. 

Mike was quoted  - “I look at every ultra event as way to test myself, my limits and to grow as a person and an athlete."

Wilson has long been an endurance cyclist, twice before competitively racing the Furnace Creek 508, one of the most revered endurance cycling races in the world (racing the length of the Mojave Desert and Death Valley in one 48 hour period).

Mike is involved in sports marketing and public relations and is currently the Brand and Marketing Manager for Kali Protectives an award winning California-based sporting goods manufacturer of innovative body and head protection. Kali is a brand based on the lore of Kali, the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction.