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IntraClub Racing Information


IntraClub Race Schedule

Below is the schedule for the last five (5) events of the 2011-2012 ICRS season as well as a practice Crit.  Race bibles for each event will come out as the date(s) for each event approaches.

* Carroll Canyon Hill Climb - Done as part of the Torrey and Carroll Canyon CV rides on Sat, 2/11 and Sat, 2/18
* Road Race # 2 - Sun, 2/26 (the final day of the Great Western Training Series, which is a "surprise" day)
* PRACTICE Crit Race - Huennekens Course - Sat, 3/10 (not for ICRS points)
* Cyclocross/MTB Race #2 - UCSD - Sat, 3/24
* Crit Race # 2 - Huennekens Course - Sat, 4/28
* TT Honor Race - Fiesta Island - One long lap, flying start - Sat, 4/28 thru Sun, 5/6

Mark your calendar. And see you at the races!


2011 Hi-Tech Bikes Intra Club Race Finale Information - 

Welcome to the Hi-Tech Bikes ICRS for members only. That's right, Hi-Tech Bikes has now
signed on as our sponsor with prizes for participants when the series is over.

WE WANT YOU!! That's why this series is designed to be safe, fun, and so
easy even your granny could do it.

New participants: special gift certificates from Hi-Tech Bikes after you complete
3 events!!! More later, but c'mon prospective racers, we know you can ride
a lap around Fiesta Island for crying out loud!!

The series will have several races between now and the end of the year,
take a break over the holidays, then restart in january.

Every time you do a race you get points. So don't miss any. Here's the
first event:


The 2011-2012 members-only race series is starting with our first event
being *one full lap around Fiesta Island*. We hope each of you takes the
challenge during the above week and does your fastest lap. As in all races,
here is what we call the "Race Bible" it has all the regulations and
directions you'll need in order to do your lap and report your results.

> 1.These are the only rules that apply and Jason Stratton has the final say
> on all decisions.
> 2. *Racing age:* Your racing age will be your age as of 12/31/2012.
> Therefore, for example if you are now 64 and your birthday is April 1, your
> racing age will be 65. We are doing this because some of the races in the
> series will go on through the beginning of the year, so we are using 2012
> ages.
> 3. *Who May Race: * You may race if you are a member in good standing of
> Cyclo-vets. You can ride if you renew your membership by Jan 1, 2012. No
> license of any kind is required, this is not really an official race
> series. If your family has a paid Family Membership, the family member(s)
> specified can participate, including your kids. So make a day of it, take
> your kids out and let them enter. It's only one lap!!
> 4. W*hat and when is the "honor" time trial? T*his is the first race in
> our fun intra-club race series consists of one full lap around Fiesta
> Island. You will keep your own time and can ride your fastest lap anytime
> between 7 AM on November 7th and 5 PM on November 14th. You must email
> your results to BEFORE 7 PM on November 14th.

5. *Directions and Rules for the one lap: * No drafting of any kind.
> Start anywhere on the island and ride the complete outer loop, 4.17 miles.
> Hints: It would be best to start and finish about 100 meters to the left
> of the FI entrance where there is a WHITE line painted on the right side of
> the road across from the gate. That way if traffic coming onto the island
> gets in your way you can start over instead of having ridden the whole lap
> before you try to finish right where cars are coming onto the island. 99%
> of the time cars are not a problem but take our advice, the white line
> before the island entrance is the customary finish for official tt's on the
> island.
> 6. Reporting your results: Send an email to Jason Stratton at
> any time after Nov 7th but before 7 PM on Nov
> 14th with this info: Your name, your sex, your age, the date and time you
> rode your fastest lap, and your time. 7:01 is too late, don't say we didnt
> tell you. Jason will compile the results by 5-year age groups and they
> will posted on the C-V website shortly thereafter.

So your email to Jason (thank you Jason) would look like this:

Name: Hazel deVoss
Age: 1 in 2012
Sex: F
Date ridden: Nov 8th, 8:21 AM
Time: 8:11 (I DID IT ON A TRIKE!!!)

> 7. Scoring: Best time in each 5-year group gets 50 points, 45 FOR 2ND,
> 40 FOR 3RD, all the way down to 5 points if you finish.

> The next intraclub race will the long-awaited cyclocross/mountain bike
> race, to be held at the UCSD cyclocross course, watch for the announcement.
> Your chance for more points and more glory on the website results page!!

For any questions email


Intraclub Summer Criterium A Success !

Intraclub Criterium was held on August 6th at Huennekens Course and was attended by over 40 club members who enjoyed A & B racing on a perfect summer day.



IntraClub and Multi Club Practice Criterium

Excellent turnout to Practice Criterium this Saturday May 14th.  Clubs represented included Adams Avenue, San Diego Bicycle Club amongst others for a great day at Huennekens Course.  More Pictures to follow soon



Final IntraClub Race Points Posted

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