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Want to Improve Your Cycling Endurance, Climbing Ability - Entering an Event that has you thinking - "How Can I Finish This ?"


We are fortunate to have a coach in our own midst with the Cyclo-Vets Race Preparation Coach, Rob Panzera from Cycling Camp San Diego.

Many Cyclo-Vets have gone to his local Base and Road Camps and have come out better performers utilizing his techniques and training skills.  Currently he is training the Race Preparation Group for Cyclo-Vets that have been lucky enough to been able to enter this program for the very first time.  Learning Race Basics, Nutrition and Tactics. 

Some San Diego Cyclo-Vet Members are also interested in Ultra Endurance events such as Breathless Agony, Near Death Experience which encompass vast amounts of climbing and time on the bike.  Others are planning trips with the U.S. and abroad and also yearn for these skills.

It is not easy to get the training, and it can be quite expensive for the club member to get a coach and outline time for such an experience.

Rob has teamed up with Kirkwood to offer this experience for $549 for a choice a few multi day training events utilizing the terrain and his techniques, seminars, etc.

This premiere camp is to prepare riders for the Death Ride (<span>or any long distance, climbing ride you have planned this summer</span>).  Under the guidance professional coaching associates, campers will be provided the knowledge and professional instruction by Robert Panzera and his team to prepare them for an excellent experience at the Death Ride.


We are proud to be associated with this local training regiment. - Click Here For Information

• USA Cycling Certified Coach—Level 2
• NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

• Category 3 Elite Cyclist Road
• Category 3 Elite Cyclist Track
• Category 3 Elite Cyclist Cyclocross

• American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED
• American Red Cross Standard First Aid
• Coach for San Diego Cyclo-Vets